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PDFA Comparison of Laboratory Testing and Theoretical Analyses of Sediment Processes in a Separator Unit
     Amie N. Humphrey, E.I.T.
         Alden Research Laboratory
         Holden, MA
PDFPercentage removal of TSS Claims for Hydrodynamic Separators Hinder NPDES Phase II Goals
     Hans de Bruijn
PDFDrinking Water Treatment Applied to Stormwater Treatment
     Hans de Bruijn
PDFResearch and Development of Effective Suspended Solids Removal from Stormwater Runoff in Collections Systems Using Inline Lamella Plate Separators
     Hans de Bruijn and Shirley E. Clark, PhD, P.E.

PDFInclined Plate Settlers to Treat Stormwater Solids

PDFPoster presented at 2006 Water Environment Federation
Technical Exhibition and Conference
WEFTEC) [11" x 17"]

     Shirley E. Clark, James C. Elligson, J. Bradley Mikula,
     Christopher D. Roenning, Christine Y.S. Siu, Julia M. Hafera and Kelly A. Franklin
          Penn State University, Harrisburg
PDFRelativity in Performance of a Water Quality Treatment Device, the Solids Distribution and Surface Loading
     Hans DeBruijn and Dennis E. Kohl, P.E.
PDFStormwater Runoff Treatment at Critical Areas: The Multi-Chambered Treatment Train (MCTT)
     A. Ayyoubi, P. Barron, S. E. Clark, R. Pitt and P. Barron
          EPA: 600/R-99/017
          United States Environmental Protection Agency
          Water Supply and Resurces Division
          National Risk Management Laboratory
          Cincinnati, Ohio
PDFLamella Plate Settlers, Design and Operation: Two Case Histories
   Steven N. Foellmi, P.E. and Harley H. Bryant, P.E.
        Black & Veatch, Engineers-Architects

PDFHjulström Diagram and Stoke's Law as Indicators of Relativity in Performance of a Stacked, Inclined-Plate, Hydrodynamic Separator Stormwater Quality Treatment Device at Various Particle Size Distribution, Density and Surface Loading

PDFHjulström Diagram [11" x 17"]

     Hans de Bruijn and Gene LaManna

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