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Since 1919, Terre Hill Concrete Products has been a trusted leader in the construction industry, supplying concrete block, brick and precast products to customers in Pennsylvania and throughout the Northeastern United States. From its humble beginnings nearly a century ago, our company’s mission has always been to meet the needs of our customers through innovative design, unparalleled workmanship and expert installation services that are both time- and cost-effective.

With decades of design, engineering and production experience, Terre Hill Concrete Products manufactures even the most complicated of precast products with exacting precision. Working closely with our customers, we treat each order as a priority. Our full range of in-house professional services guarantees that, from conception to completion, your order will be expertly managed, skillfully constructed and completed on-time and to your satisfaction.

Terre Hill Stormwater Systems is the newest addition to Terre Hill’s longstanding tradition of excellence. These innovative products and services not only comply with EPA NPDES Phase II regulations, but they offer breakthrough, independently-proven solutions to one of our environment’s most pressing needs.

The Terre Hill Stormwater System captures and removes pollutants from stormwater runoff, including litter, grease, hydrocarbons, sediment and metals attached to the sediment. The Terre Hill Stormwater System provides high pollutant removal efficiency in the most cost-efficient and space-saving designs available.

Whatever your project requires, call on Terre Hill Stormwater Systems and Terre Hill Concrete Products to provide the solution. With all the resources to meet your needs, decades of experience, and a knowledgeable, dedicated staff, you will see why there really is No Better Solution™. 

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