Terre Hill Stormwater Systems
 Drain Technology
 Compact Design
 Permanent Pollutant
 Low-Cost Design and
 Low-Cost Maintenance
 and Disposal
 Underground Detention
 or Retention-Recharge

 Why Choose Precast

 The Terre Hill Advantage

Rain FallExclusive, Multi-Treatment Drain Technology

  • Designed to meet State, Federal and EPA NPDES Phase II regulations

  • Advanced and independently-proven technologies designed and patented by Terre Hill Concrete Products, an established, respected leader and innovator in the precast concrete industry.

Compact Design

  • Site-specific, modular design: each component is specifically sized and can be used separately or in cooperation with the larger system.

  • Stacked incline plate system provides large sedimentation area within a compact structure.

  • All components are HS-25 rated, allowing for maximum use of the land.

Permanent Pollutant Removal 

  • Litter (virtually 100%)

  • Oil (virtually 100%) 

  • Grease (virtually 100%)

  • Sediment, 20 Micron removal with sedimentation and 5 Micron removal with filtration.

  • Internal by-pass and deep sump area prevents re-suspension, scour or loss of captured pollutants.

  • Efficient operation due to high treatment flow capacity, minimal head loss and protected storage area.

  • Third- party verification by Penn State University confirmed 83% removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

  • 98% removal efficiency for 200 micron particles verified by EPA ETV.

Low-Cost Design and Installation

  • Stacked, inclined-plate system delivers the most square footage of sedimentation area in the smallest footprint, resulting in the lowest cost-per-square-foot for sedimentation area in the market.

  • Precast concrete design and inline installation dramatically reduce installation time, thus reducing material handling and compaction requirements.

  • Eliminates the possibility of incorrect or incomplete stone compaction.

Low-Cost Maintenance and Disposal

  • Terre Kleen™ has fewest gallons-per-square-foot of sedimentation area.
    Clean-out from surface, no confined space entry, with standard vacuum truck expected once every 2 years.

  • Terre Microbes™ permanently remove hydrocarbons, converting them to water and Carbon Dioxide.

  • Terre Arch™ and Terre Box™ require no maintenance after installation.

  • Terre Filter™ requires little maintenance; disposal access is from surface, and the full bag, weighing approximately 5,000 pounds, is removed in one piece.

  • Terre Maintenance™: full range of professional services offer permit compliance assistance and documentation of:
    o Repairs, renovations, upgrades.
    o Captured pollutants.
    o Disposal of pollutants.
    o Sediment and Nutrient Reduction Credits.

Continuous Performance

  • Effective from “first flush” through entire storm event; no loss of captured pollutants, including litter, oil, grease and sediment from re-suspension or by-pass.

Underground Detention or Retention-Recharge

  • Terre Arch™ and Terre Box™ provide underground detention or recharge of stormwater in HS-25 rated structures.

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